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The practice of company law is one of the priority directions of the FREGAT company. Our specialists have unique experience in the field of corporate relations. The company's clients may be offered the exclusive approaches to resolution of the corporate disputes and formulation of the contending entities behavior strategy. In normal economic activity of our clients, our company will arrange the most effective and protected model of a business entity’s corporate structure. In the field of corporate relations, the company provides the services in three areas.


  • corporate disputes between the participants (shareholders) of business entities;
  • disputes on challenging the decisions of management bodies of the legal entity (General meeting of participants (shareholders), Board of Directors);
  • disputes related to the legal entity management, election (appointment) of its Executive bodies (General Director);
  • disputes on challenging the transactions by a legal entity (major transactions, non-arm's length transactions, excess-of-powers transactions);
  • disputes related to the withdrawal of a participant from the company and payment of the share actual value to a withdrawn participant;
  • disputes relating to handling of shares and securities;
  • disputes relating to compulsory redemption of shares;
  • recovery of damages caused by the actions of the members of the business societies’ management bodies (Director General);
  • collection of dividends;
  • challenging the actions of the public authorities in regard to establishment, reorganization, liquidation of the legal entities, amendments to their data in the Uniform state register of legal persons, and also in the field of state registration of shares and securities;
  • challenging the public authorities’ actions in the part
    of the state registration of independent entrepreneurs;
    disputes between the members and management bodies of the farms and production cooperatives;
  • payment of shares and compensations to the withdrawn members of production cooperatives and farmers;
  • other disputes.


  • foundation, reorganization, liquidation of legal entities and making amendments to the constituent documents;
  • preparation and legal expert examination of the legal entity’s constituent documents;
  • state registration of the shares and securities;
  • preparing and holding annual and extraordinary General meetings of the business entities’ members and shareholders;
  • settlement of the major transactions, non-arm's length transactions and other transactions of a legal entity;
  • withdrawal of a participant from the company;
  • transactions with the shares of participation and shares of business entities;
  • internal shareholders’ agreements;
  • transactions of business management transfer;
  • mergers and takeover of legal entities;
  • creation of the joint ventures with foreign participation;
  • conducting legal inspection and tax analysis before purchasing an enterprise;
  • issues of participation interests and shares inheritance;
  • other directions.


The company's specialists conduct the seminars and trainings on company law with the managers, accountants and employees of the enterprises’ legal departments. To the seminars, besides the lawyers of the company, practitioners of public authorities, professors of the leading legal educational institutions may be invited.
You may see the "News" section for academic activities undertaken at the initiative of the FREGAT company, the company may conduct the seminars individually on request of organizations.

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