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Защита собственности и интелектуальная собственность
Обязательственное право
Международное право
Корпоративное право
Взаимоотношения с государственными органами. Налоговое право
Представление интересов в суде
Недвижимость и строительство


The FREGAT Law company offers the lawyers’ services to protect the clients’ interests in courts at all levels of the judicial system of the Russian Federation and abroad. All the specialists of the company enjoy the experience in the legal representation and profound knowledge in the field of procedural law. The representation services of a lawyer in court are provided by the company for all and any disputes related to economic activity of the legal entities and independent entrepreneurs, as well as the members of the business partnerships and companies, production cooperatives.

The company represents the clients at the preparation stage of the judicial process, in the courts of first, appeals, cassation instance and supervisory authority, as well as at the stage of the act enforcement.

The company applies the progressive hourly pay of the services rendered, which is a common form of payment of the world's leading law firms and, of course, creates the additional benefits for our customers.

Following the company’s performance of the lawyer’s services in court, the client receives a detailed (hourly) report on the work done, stating what specific measures have been taken by the specialists of the company to protect the client's interests. This form of reporting allows the vast majority of cases, to reimburse all amounts spent on the company's services in court at the expense of the losing party.
The company on its own initiative and on request of the clients conducts the seminars and trainings for the managers and employees of organizations on the issues of legal representation and application of the procedural law norms.

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