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Защита собственности и интелектуальная собственность
Обязательственное право
Международное право
Корпоративное право
Взаимоотношения с государственными органами. Налоговое право
Представление интересов в суде
Недвижимость и строительство


TheFREGAT Law company provides in a professional manner the protection of the rights of the movable and immovable property owners (including aircraft and vessels) and the securities holders.

While counseling the FREGAT employees will help to determine the most efficient use of the intellectual property items, to assess their legal regime and to develop the tactics and strategy to protect the property rights from infringement by the third parties, and other negative circumstances.

Within the judicial representation the company's specialists will provide the services to protect the property rights, challenging the validity of transactions for alienation of property, recovery of property from unlawful possession (including a bona fide purchaser) and the elimination of obstacles in using them.

Within the practice of protection of property rights the company also provides the services for protection of the intellectual property rights.

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